The symbol for so much in life. Its anatomy used to describe everything from parts of the body, to families and businesses. So many varieties and so beautiful. Different trees even give you a variety of feelings. From the swaying tropical palm to the sturdy English oak. From afar you see their shape, as a group, or as an individual. Always different, always interesting.

But get up close and you see another world. Look at the ancient trunk, and think about the stories it could tell. See the life that it supports, crawling upon its bark. Sit at its base and, while enjoying the dappled shade, look at at the world. Then look up and see the light play tricks, like magic. There is nothing like seeing the golden rays of the sun, shining through the canopy.

Many times, I forget to look. But when I do, there goes my breath.

via Daily Prompt: Tree

© Neil Hayes and neilsworldofenglish