How do you know if anyone is interested? How can you tell if what you are doing is worthwhile? Does it really matter? Doubts are only human and especially so among those who wish to create.

We doubt if we can really make a decent and interesting photograph, there are so many better exponents of the field out there for us to see. Is that story we have just committed to paper really interesting? Does it flow? Does it make sense to anyone other than us?

Sharing with others is the only way to get confirmation that others get it, or not? But it is scary, right? Nobody likes criticism about something so personal, but how else are we meant to learn?

So we have to be brave and, in some ways, that means not caring what others think. You can only create for yourself, if it helps you on your journey then you have won. That story you wrote could be therapy for yourself or just plain fun, so enjoy the ride. If it connects with another then that is all to the good, but there is only one viewer or reader who really matters and that is you. But a like is always nice, right?



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