The fascination of a locked door. If you could only gain access, what wonders would you find? Perhaps a hidden world of machinery, maybe simply a bare empty room. There could be steps leading up or down to other levels of mystery.

But why the need to go inside, when what is visible is already of such splendour. This is not the most ornate door you could ever wish to find, yet it is beautiful when you look carefully. Its simplicity and its symmetry are its greatest assets, subtle colours also add to its charm.

It is part of something much greater, and more obviously historical. So why do these simple details often fascinate me so? I guess paying attention makes you feel more alive, drifting around the world without being present can mean you miss out on so much.

How many hands have turned that handle? How many coats of paint have been applied to that wood? Have the colours changed with the fashions? What stories could it tell? I can only imagine. So why not do so?

© Neil Hayes and neilhayeswrites