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One Year On : Blog

Running is a sport for the loner. Getting out there all on your own can be cathartic, but for some it is hard to understand. To me it is normally a chance for meditation and solitude, exercise for the mind as well as the body.

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Concentration : Blog

I am suffering a day of the wandering mind. I have my list and priorities set but still I seem unable to focus on the task at hand. It’s all the more frustrating since this is the day when I have time.

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Confusion Reigns : Blog

Getting priorities right is a difficult thing when you have too many commitments, interests and intentions. Sometimes those thoughts competing for attention just cause a battle which cannot be won. What to do when they all seem to have a similar weight?

Sometimes it’s best to just take a holiday, just a short trip away from your brain. Forget about those conflicts and just put them to one side. Make your priority your sanity and then maybe when you return your clarity may have returned. Then you will be able to see the way forward.



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Change of name : Blog

Yes, my website name change again. I upgraded my plan and now have my own domain. There was already a neilhayeswriter out there so I am now and hopefully that is the last change. Enough of admin and on with the writing.

Doubt : Blog

How do you know if anyone is interested? How can you tell if what you are doing is worthwhile? Does it really matter? Doubts are only human and especially so among those who wish to create.

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