Seasonal Feelings

One day there is beauty, the next gloom. This season can make you bound with joy and amazement at our world, or it can bring you down and force you to mourn the passing of another summer.

But that is only if you let it. After all, life is about mindset and decisions. Do we allow the changes of seasons to influence us, or do we decide to influence ourselves?

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Daily Prompt: Urgent

Everything seems so urgent these days. People spend their lives rushing hither and thither, never slowing down. Sometimes we all need to take a breath.

I need that breath now, there are simply too many things on my mind. Unless I clear that list, I will not relax. I can feel the tension in me, just breathe.

So relax, plan and do. There is no urgency, just my mind telling me there is. These are simply tasks, not what is most important.

What is most important has already been achieved, a wonderful weekend with my family. A weekend of playing, celebrating, spending time in nature and watching my kids have fun on the skating rink.

So the highest priority task has been completed, now onto the little things. I feel better already.

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Summer’s Last Hoorah!

Well, what an Indian Summer that was! A week of temperatures around, and often, above 30 degrees in September. It truly was summer’s last hoorah.

Although I love summer, there is a part of me that looks forward to autumn. Not the Welsh autumn that I grew up with, rain and wind and more rain, but the Czech autumn. Here it may become cooler and cloudier but the colours, which greet you every day, more than make up for it. This is the first country I have lived in which truly has four distinct seasons in a year, not in a day.

As I look outside I see gently swaying trees of red, gold and brown. I love being outside at this time of year, nature is at its most beautiful and most comfortable. I don’t enjoy being slowly roasted, as has been the case on some days this summer. Sunny, hot days in Australia were often offset by cool ocean breezes and during the Czech summer I miss those days.

The weather’s mood is changing as I write. Yesterday was the last hot day and today is cooler and I am expecting a storm. But as in Australia it will be a proper storm, will last a short time, and it will be cooler but fresher afterwards. But if and when will it arrive? I live on something of a weather island, often the bad weather skirts around us and it is never a good idea to cancel plans because of a bad forecast.

For me, it is also the time of year to dust off my fishing rods and be next to the river. I am the opposite of most fishermen and enjoy the seclusion of the banks in the colder months. Eating freshly cooked sausages and washing them down with steaming hot tea. I can already taste them now and look forward to being next to some water until the ice begins to form and I am forced to retreat back indoors.

But that is for the future. For now I have enjoyed summer’s last hoorah and look forward to whatever nature brings my way.

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